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The Many Types Of Soccer Gambling Bets

Soccer Gambling BetsThere are many types of soccer gambling (Judi bola)bets. These involve on whether you are correct on the future guesses on how the play goes or which team will win at the end of the first part.

Online Betting

Together with the advancement of technology, betting is now available online. These usually requires a registered account that signifies a membership in which someone can place a bet wherever they want. There is online betting that starts during a live streaming game or predicting a team’s future play.Soccer gambling (Judi bola), in particular, usually is open for 24 hours making it more accessible and convenient for the gambler.

However, under any betting system traditional or online there are types of bets that depend on the game play all throughout one match or two.

Money Line

Match odds or money line is also known as 1×2. Money line wagers often applies to the rules of sportsbook. This bet plays on three different outcomes of the game; one team with each win and one that leads them into a draw. In general, this wager covers 90 minutes of the game play, excluding overtime and penalties. Depending on the bet, overtime is still part of it.


In this type, the bet is set with bookmakers making a total score. Betters will predict whether the score will go over or under the total, hence the name. The total score is set low when a game is in a usual state of low-scoring and same applies to a game of high scoring. In order to win in this type of bet, betters may determine by two teams the play by a similar style.


Handicaps come in various forms: Asian Handicap, Line, Points or Spread Betting. The main principle of these forms is that an advantage is given to one of the teams beforehand. The benefit is given to the team that is unlikely the winner.

Betting Once or Twice

One has the choice of betting how many times they may bet a soccer game.

  • Single, also known as the straight bet, simply means betting on one win.
  • Multiple is a combination of two bets. These are often risky, but give multiple returns. There are two types: the double and treble. Treble is betting on three choices, all of which you must win. While double is made up of two bets, with the same concept of winning for each.